E-Wipes are conveniently packaged to combine an ultra pure lint-free wipe (Pec*Pad®) with a precise pre-measured amount of a sterile, highly refined alcohol mixture (Eclipse®).
When used as directed, e-wipes are safe to use on monochrome CCDs, scanners, optical mirrors and other sensitive electronic and photographic image-forming surfaces.
This convenient packaging also prevents over usage and contamination which can destroy an expensive component. When taken out of its originally sealed packet, the wipe contains no more than 5 parts per million of contaminants. When properly used e-wipes will dry instantly, leaving absolutely no residue!
To use, tear open a packet at notch and remove wipe.
With a gentle flick of the wrist, the pad will unfold (this should be done with one hand to minimize handling).
Lightly wipe across the surface to be cleaned in a single direction only. Do not go over a previously cleaned area with the same wipe, or re-use a wipe at any time, because the dirt collected may cause severe damage./li
E-Wipes are recommended by manufacturers of digital cameras, scanners and other devices with critical cleaning requirements. It is also recommended by manufactures of high quality filters and lenses. Convenient packaging allows for easily cleaning while in the field or on assignment.
This product meets or exceeds SEMI standards.

E-Wipe® should not be used on traditional DSLR or Mirrorless sensors. Use SensorSwab® ULTRA for sensors housed within a deep chamber.

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